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Our name is derived from Sigilo – a Spanish word meaning Stealth.

Our super-biocompatible Afibromer™ technology allows us to create a new class of implantable cell-based Living Therapeutics™ that will “fly under the radar” of the immune system to avoid detection and rejection. Many patients can benefit from cell-based therapeutics, but fibrosis has presented a barrier to the success of encapsulated cell-based approaches. Living Therapeutics provide a unique, controllable and dose-adjustable approach to delivering protein therapeutics that do not trigger fibrosis in the body.

Sigilon’s Living Therapeutics™ act as cell factories that can be programmed to control dynamic protein delivery (e.g. enzymes, factors and antibodies). This allows for the long-term treatment of debilitating diseases without the need for immune suppression that is traditionally associated with allogeneic cell therapies.

Living Therapeutics™ offer many potential advantages over comparable technologies, such as gene therapy, that attempt to turn the body into a factory. For example, our Living Therapeutics™ can be dose adjusted and removed if needed. Unlike gene therapies, our proprietary cells are engineered ex vivo to produce high levels of protein at a controlled rate without the risk of introducing a gene construct into a patient’s own cells which has resulted in serious safety concerns with gene therapies. The benefits of Living Therapeutics™ should result in a superior product that is safer, durable and can be re-dosed.

At Sigilon we genetically engineer allogeneic human cells and then encapsulate them to deliver a precisely engineered cell factory into the body. This new modality allows Sigilon to create programmable and controllable systems to deliver therapeutics with greater precision than those technologies that rely on manipulating a patient’s own genome.

Additional applications of the technology that we are researching will allow us to develop systems that cannot be created using more traditional approaches like gene therapy. We are working on “sense and respond” applications such as type 1 diabetes. We are also exploring future applications in the rapidly advancing science of synthetic biology, where cell circuits can be designed to manufacture small molecules or sense and respond to circulating inflammatory mediators with anti-inflammatory proteins. Living Therapeutics™ can also be designed to provide multiple proteins simultaneously. Our approach allows us to develop long term programmable implants that can be upgraded when required or removed if desirable to provide control.

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